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Ready to apply and become a Trine Dual Enrollment student, GREAT!

You can start the process of applying with just a few quick steps.

  1. First, click the application link below to fill out your dual enrollment application. Once you have finished the application, you will be taken to the next page. Click on the Dual Enrollment Student Agreement Form Link. This will take you to our agreement form page. Your information should be prefilled at the top. Make sure your name is correct. Read through the agreement form, select "I agree" and click update.
  2. Second, Trine will need your transcript. This step will be completed by your school counselor. School counselors will send your Transcripts to Trines Parchment account. 
  3. For detailed instructions please open the dual enrollment application instruction PDF. 


Now that you have completed your application and student agreement form and your counselor has submitted your transcripts, its time to enroll in some courses. Dual enrollment students cannot enroll themselves in courses, this can only be done by Dual Enrollment staff. To enroll in a course, follow the options below:

  1. Talk to your counselor, and let them know which classes you are interested in and they can work with you on submitting the course request form. This does not enroll you in a course. You will get a confirmation email once you are enrolled in the requested course if it is available. 
  2. Contact us directly if you have questions. 
  3. Important reminder, students must meet pre-requisites before being enrolled in a course.
Students taking Dual enrollment: 

Taking dual enrollment courses is a great way to get college experience while saving time and money. You the student need to monitor your status. Remember this is the beginning of your college records. 

Monitor your Status:

  • Ensure you are enrolled in the class you are planning to take. Do you have access to the class? If not, contact your guidance counselor or Trine's Dual Enrollment Department right away. 
  • Check your Trine email for important information. 
  • Monitor your academic progress
    • Financial aid recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Things to consider:
      • Maintain a minimum grade point average. 
      • Complete courses that you enroll in (or drop before the cut-off date). If you do not drop the course promptly it can result in a withdrawal (W) on your college transcript.  
      • Students should also be aware that taking a large amount of dual enrollment may limit what the student can take when pursuing a degree. If a student cannot reach full-time status, this may impact their financial aid. 

Visit our Financial Aid Page for more information.