one time payment

What are the different course costs?
  • Course costs range from $25 per credit hour to $95 per credit hour depending on what type of program you are enrolled in. If you have any questions about which course you are taking talk to your school counselor or administrator or please feel free to reach out to anyone in Dual Enrollment at any time. 

DE Cost

When are bills, or invoices, sent out and when do I need to pay it by?
  • Bills and invoices are sent towards the end of the first month of the semester, September/February respectively.  Payment due dates are usually a few weeks after that. The dates for the next few semesters can be found below, however these dates may change as needed and will be reflected here.  

Invoice and Billing Dates

How do I pay my bill?
  • The easiest way for dual enrollment students to pay their bill is to utilize our 1-time payment portal. To provide additional help and support, here is a short Billing Walkthrough (Video).
One Time Payment Portal
  • Click on the link below and simply fill out the requested information: 
    • Course Term
    • Student First & Last Name
    • Student ID Number (found on your bill, or you can contact someone in billing or the Dual Enrollment Office)
    • Amount Due (also found on your bill, or you can contact someone in billing or the Dual Enrollment Office)

one time payment

If I have questions about my bill, who can I ask?
  • Your bill should answer most of your questions, however if you do have any questions please feel free to reach out either the Business Office or the Office of Dual Enrollment.
    • Business Office ~ Email ~ Phone: 1-800-347-4878 (Option 4)
    • Office of Dual Enrollment ~ Email ~ Phone: 1-260-665-4301
What happens if I miss my bill deadline?
  • That answer varies depending on the situation. The first step regardless is to reach out to someone in the Office of Dual Enrollment immediately to see what can be done.
  • Students may be dropped from the class and given a W 
    • Depending on the situation there may be something that can be done to get them added back into the course
  • A hold will be placed on the account
    • The student will not be able to take another course until the bill is paid