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Trine University
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Angola, IN 46703

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Department Phone Email
Admission and Financial Aid    
Office of Admission 260-665-4100 or 800-347-4878
Office of International Admission 260-665-4959
Office of Financial Aid 260-665-4100 or 800-347-4878
Academic Departments    
 Academic Affairs 260-665-4533  
Allen School of Engineering and Technology    
Department of Biomedical Engineering 260-665-4983  
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 260-665-4983  
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology 260-665-4231  
Department of Design Engineering Technology 260-665-4815  
McKetta Department of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering 260-665-4815  
Reiners Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 260.665.4263  
Wade Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 260-665-4231  
Franks School of Education 260-665-4121  
Jannen School of Arts and Sciences    
Department of Communication 260-665-4650  
Department of Criminal Justice 260-665-4198  
Department of Humanities 260-665-4650  
Department of Mathematics and Physics 260-665-4198  
Department of Psychology and Social Sciences 260-665-4198  
Ketner School of Business 260-665-4177  
Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences    
Department of Exercise Science 260-665-4243  
Department of Science 260-665-4243  
Doctor of Physical Therapy program 260-203-2914  
Master of Physician Assistant program 260-702-8055  
College of Graduate and Professional Studies 877-701-3343  
Student Services    
Office of Student Services 260-665-4168  
Student Health Center 260-667-5693  
Campus Safety 260-316-1877  
Career Services / Employment Resource Center    
LINK (Library) 260-665-4162  
UC Store and Bookstore 260-665-4153  
Writing Center 260-665-4711  
Athletic Offices 260-665-4141
Thunder Ice Arena 260-665-4380
Office of the President    
Office of the President 260-665-4102  
Alumni and Development 260-665-4114 
Business Office 1-800-347-4878 ext. 4  
Conferences and Events 260-665-4201  
Human Resources 260-665-4991  
Information Technology / Helpdesk 260-665-4275  
Innovation One 260-665-4265  
Mailroom 260-665-4138  
Office of the Registrar 260-665-4186  
T. Furth Center for the Performing Arts 260-665-4990