Parent and Student Support

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Support, Value and Results

Our top priority is the safety, security and support of our students. We provide an extensive network of support services. Students enjoy personalized guidance to make sure they stay on track academically and have a seamless transition into college.

Each year we award more than $77 million in institutional scholarships and grants. U.S. News & World Report has ranked Trine as one of the best colleges in the Midwest for students graduating with the least amount of debt.

Our more than 32,800 alumni are succeeding at the highest levels at many corporations. Approximately 99.3% of the Class of 2021 was employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation*. Our graduates’ starting salaries exceed the national average in every category.

Our Community

Trine University remains committed to cultivating diversity, inclusion and fairness. As a leading private institution of higher education, Trine fosters a culture of understanding, growth and inquiry; values the diverse qualities of its students, faculty and staff; promotes an inclusive environment free of discrimination and intolerance; and welcomes everyone.

Trine will not allow discrimination and will continue to grant admission and provide educational opportunities without regard to race, age, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, religion or veteran status. The culture of Trine University dictates that these same standards of acceptance apply to all faculty, staff, alumni and community members.

The Department of Student Success focuses on empowering students and streamlining services. Whether a student's concern is academic, personal, or financial, Jessica Taylor, the Director of Student Retention, brings extensive experience working with students and parents. She understands the importance of effective support and serves as a liaison, guiding students and parents through the academic system to achieve the best possible outcomes.

*Based on 2021 Trine University Graduating Class Knowledge Rate of 89.9%, 402 of 447 responding. Compared to 2020 Graduation Class National Knowledge Rate of 66% from 549,972 total recorded.

Parent Information Tools

Each semester Jessica Taylor corresponds with parents on a number of topics to keep parents and guardians informed and maintain an open line of communication. Parents can expect a friendly, timely response to inquiries. If you have questions or concerns, Jessica Taylor is available to speak with you. Collaborating across campus for parents and students for positive outcomes is the primary focus of this office. Please don't hesitate to contact Jessica Taylor at 260-665-4847 or e-mail at
The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibit the release of student information to anyone without authorization from the student. As part of the academic support system in place at Trine, freshmen can voluntarily sign a FERPA waiver through myPortal. All Trine students can update their authorization by emailing Jessica Taylor at Without a waiver on file, the director cannot discuss the student's academic information with parents. 

The Parent Newsletter is a great resource for parents and families. This publication provides insight into what is happening at Trine University and tips on how to help support you student. To receive the newsletter, be sure to sign up by emailing the following information to Lily Walker at

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  • Student’s Name

Jessica Taylor
Director of Student Retention
260-665-4947 |

How To Support Your Students Through Active Participation

Trine's Parent and Family Association is YOUR (as a parent or family member) way to give a little piece of home back to your student on campus. Your $50 annual membership fee includes a contribution to your student and the students at Trine University. With your membership, you will receive a discount card, but you will also be creating benefits for your student on campus.

Join the Parent and Family Association

Membership in the Parent and Family Association offers many discounts to area businesses and places on campus:

Learn More

The association also sponsors various events and campus perks:

  • BINGO for Bucks, where students play BINGO to win textbooks, gift cards, cold hard cash and more
  • Cup of Joe - Students receive free coffee all year-round in the campus LINK
  • Random events on campus, such as live entertainment during welcome week on campus
  • And, various events at Homecoming/Family Weekend

For more information, please contact the Office of University Advancement at 260-665-4404.