reagen wooster

Territory: Illinois, Wisconsin, and everything west of the Mississippi River.

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Health Sciences with a Pre-Med concentration.

Where are you from: LaGrange, Indiana. I currently reside in Fort Wayne.

Favorite Place at Trine: Storm’s a Brewing, I need coffee to survive.

What is something people don’t know about Trine: In 1990, The University changed the nickname of its athletic teams from the Tri-State Trojans to the Thunder.

Describe your perfect day in Northeastern Indiana: Attending the Farmers Market, reading a book, maybe going out on the lake or hiking, and ending the day with a campfire.

Advice to incoming students: Explore Your Interests: College is a time to explore new subjects and interests. Take advantage of elective courses, study abroad programs, internships, and research opportunities to broaden your horizons and discover your passions.

What is your favorite TV show: Brooklyn nine-nine or Derry Girls

What is your favorite thing from your college experience and where did you attend: I went to Purdue University. A favorite college experience of mine was when I took a class on a topic completely outside of my major or comfort zone. It was a refreshing change of pace from my usual coursework and allowed me to explore a subject I wouldn't have otherwise considered. This class challenged me to think differently, broaden my perspectives, and develop new skills.

What is your favorite part of Admissions: The work environment. Everyone here is very nice and helpful.

Favorite past time/hobby: Reading, camping, baking, or chasing my corgis around.

Raegen Wooster
Admissions Counselor