lacie piekarski

Territory: Eastern states

Education:  Trine University '19 - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing and minor in Communication

Where are you from:  I attended high school in Spring Lake, Michigan.  Originally from the east coast where I grew up in North Carolina.

Favorite Place at Trine: As a student, my favorite place on campus was the golf course and trails for running.  As an employee, I enjoy the picnic areas during the warm weather months.

What is something people don't know about Trine: The Depo is transformed from an old railroad station on campus that used to be active along the railroad tracks on campus.  The depo is a red and yellow building where students can go for meals and snacks.  

Describe your perfect day in Northeastern Indiana: Morning run with friends and enjoying the day out on the lake or at a state park.  

What’s your favorite Trine tradition: Taking the classic cap and gown graduation photo in front of the Trine fountain.

Advice to incoming students:  The two things I always recommend are to get involved on campus, including joining a group outside of your sports team if you are an athlete, and to not be afraid to ask for help.  Trine has excellent faculty, staff, and resources to support you throughout your time here.

What is your favorite TV show: Once Upon A Time 

What is your favorite thing from your college experience and where did you attend: I most enjoyed my job as a student worker on campus in the Marketing and Communication Department.  I had the opportunity to be creative, connect with faculty and staff, learn new things I could take into my professional career, and showcase Trine from the student perspective with different projects.   

What is your favorite part of Admissions: Helping prospective students find the school that is the best fit for them and where they feel they belong.   

Favorite past time/hobby: Running!  Whether with friends or solo it is my favorite.  

Lacie Piekarski
Assistant Director of Admission