Trine University Specialty License Plates

Show your Thunder Pride, near and far, and make an impact.

sample license platePurchasing a Trine License Plate is a simple, great way to annually show your support for Trine University as a current student or parent, and highlight your alma mater wherever your travels take you, all while supporting the student scholarship fund. 

A $25.00 tax-deductible contribution is given to Trine for every plate ordered per year. An additional $15.00 special recognition plate fee, along with your annual vehicle registration fees, are assessed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 

Trine plates are for Indiana residents only. 

You can now order or renew your Trine license plate at your local license branch, or online. They will collect your $25.00 contribution to Trine University and forward it to us on your behalf. Just don't forget to check the little box on your form, to make sure we get notified of your contribution. 

If you run into any questions about ordering a Trine specialty plate, please email