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Tech Titans Computing Camp (T2C2) High school Camp

Join us for an immersive overnight camp at Trine University to explore different options within the world of Computer Science and Information Technology.

July 22-24, 2024 Check in at 1pm, check out 2pm

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  • Day 1: Computers and Programming
  • Learn how computers work and build a PC.
  • Intro to block coding, Python basics, and algorithms.
  • Tour the AIMM Lab to learn about new computing technologies.

Day 2: Robotics, Game Design, AI, and Esports

  • Program robots with CrowPi/Raspberry Pi and a training robot.
  • Introduction to game design with Unity/Godot and create your own game.
  • Learn AI basics and participate in an AI image recognition challenge.
  • Experience AR/VR with Microsoft HoloLens and HTC Vive Pro.
  • Enjoy esports with a tournament and racing simulator.

Day 3: Cybersecurity and Makerspace

  • Introduction to cybersecurity, hacking, and penetration testing.
  • Participate in "Hack the Box," lock picking, and a hacking escape room.
  • Explore Trine’s Makerspace with a scavenger hunt.

Engineer Your Future

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Are you ready to explore the exciting world of engineering? Join us this summer at Trine University's Engineering Your Future Engineering Summer Camp for high school students! This immersive camp offers a unique opportunity to dive into a variety of engineering disciplines through hands-on activities and projects. Discover your passion and see which engineering major is your perfect fit.
Camp Highlights Include:

  • Aerospace Engineering: Design, build, and launch a pneumatic rocket. Experience the thrill of aerodynamics and propulsion firsthand!
  • Biomedical Engineering: Build a prosthetic hand using 3D-printed parts. Learn about biomechanics and innovative medical technologies.
  • Chemical Engineering: Implement a separation process. Understand the principles of chemical reactions and processes.
  • Civil Engineering: Design and build a water conveyance system with a focus on aqueduct structures. Explore the fundamentals of structural engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering: Construct an electronic cicada and perform voice analysis with an oscilloscope. Dive into the world of circuits and electronics.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Design, build, and load test a column. Discover the principles of mechanical design and structural integrity.
    Don’t miss this chance to gain hands-on experience and learn from Trine University’s expert faculty. Whether you're just curious or already passionate about engineering, our camp is the perfect place to ignite your curiosity and pave the way for your future.
STEM with storm

STEM with Storm

Here at Trine University, Innovation One and Education One have teamed up to bring back STEM with Storm — virtually!  We have partnered to bring our campus mascot, Storm, into elementary classrooms to share his love of science and math with students near and far! 

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basketball camp

2024 Hoosier Boys Basketball Camp

July 21-24

The Hoosier Basketball Boys Camp has two simple goals: to make each young participant a better basketball player and a better teammate!

The camp is open for boys basketball players in grades 3-12. 

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