Computer on desk

Online Services

Trine University issues a secure email account for each student. Students are required to check their email regularly, as important information is sent to this email account including emails from financial aid, the business office, academic advisors and faculty regarding online courses.

As a student with Trine University's TrineOnline, you are eligible to receive free Microsoft Office software. This software is valid as long as you are registered at Trine University/TrineOnline. Trine University also utilizes a student portal, "MyPortal," where students can check schedules, account information, FAFSA, and other important information. Moodle is the online learning environment for TrineOnline.

Technology Standards/Recommendations

Technology standards/recommendations are designed to meet our students' needs. All new students admitted to TrineOnline are required to have or purchase a computer that meets the IT minimum specifications before starting their first class. Learn about our minimum hardware recommendations.

To ensure a stable network connection for online courses, a reliable internet connection is required. WiFi hotspot devices may not be adequate.

TrineOnline students who qualify may be able to use their financial aid money to purchase a computer through the university bookstore. Students should contact the financial aid office for specific requirements and eligibility. Additionally, Trine University also has a student discount with Dell. Students should contact their advisor for more information on the Dell discount program.