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June 04, 2024

Alexandra DavidsonAlexandra Davidson did not have a good fit at the school she was attending. The Pennsylvania native decided to transfer to Trine at the end of her sophomore year.

“Trine had everything I was looking for: a great chemical engineering program, a varsity synchronized skating team, small class sizes and a beautiful campus!” she said.

She moved to campus early for summer training with the skating team, which provided a great opportunity to develop connections and become familiar with the campus before classes started.

“Almost immediately, I felt integrated into the immense community and support system at Trine, and knew without a doubt I had made the right decision to transfer schools,” she said.

She said Trine truly has become her home away from home.

“From day one, the small class sizes have given me the opportunity to form meaningful connections with my professors and classmates, ensuring I always feel supported in my academic endeavors,” she said. “Additionally, being a part of a sport on campus extended my community, providing me with strong connections spread all across campus. I never walk across campus without passing and saying hi to a friend or professor, and it never fails to brighten my day!”

Having graduated with her bachelor’s in chemical engineering, she will return to Trine next year to pursue her MBA and continue skating for the varsity synchronized skating team, with hopes to qualify for Team USA and skate on an international stage.

“I wasn't quite ready to leave just yet!” she said.

She said any students looking to attend Trine from out-of-state shouldn’t be afraid to move away from home.

“The Trine community has space for everyone, and no matter where your interests fall, there is something for you to get involved with on campus,” she said. “There are lots of students from out of state, so you can always find people to spend time with on campus during smaller breaks, and/or people to carpool with to the airport. You will receive no end of support both in and out of the classroom as you pursue your degree and grow as an adult. I promise it is worth the risk!”

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