Same major, birthday led Trine pair to life together

November 29, 2023

Kole and Lucy HaleIt seems like Kole and Lucy (Sare) Hale were destined to be together.

The pair met during a Trine University orientation icebreaker where they were told to search for someone who shared their birthday. Not only did they have the same birthday, both were biology majors in the pre-medical track. 

“I don't think we really thought much of it at the time,” Lucy said. “I remember thinking it was odd that we had so much in common and honestly, the closer of friends we became, we realized more and more how similar we both were. I think after a while it just made sense, like, we have so much in common, of course we have the same birthday.”

Both were drawn to Trine — Kole from Warren, Indiana, and Lucy from Charlotte, Michigan — by its small campus environment and the opportunity to play sports. Kole played football and Lucy was part of the women’s basketball team.

Since they had the same major, the two wound up in many classes together.

“We both really enjoyed science, and medicine provides an opportunity to use science in order to help people,” Lucy said. “We've both always been fascinated with anatomy and the human body. It just made sense to pursue a field that provided the depth of science and the opportunity to connect so closely with patients.”

They started dating after a few years of friendship and married in March 2021.

Both are now physicians in residency to specialize in emergency medicine through Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

“In the short term we plan on working as emergency medicine doctors through the Air Force for a few years, and after that we will see where our careers and family take us to continue practicing medicine,” Lucy said. “We would love for it to bring us back to Indiana at some point!”

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