Colton Martens

colton martensColton R. Martens

Trine University - Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences
B.S. - St. Ambrose University

Ph.D. - The Ohio State University
260-665-4254 | Email

I have always had an interest in health and how lifestyle factors can influence our susceptibility to disease. This interest led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in biology at St. Ambrose University, a small school in Davenport, Iowa. During my undergraduate education, I discovered an additional passion for molecular biology, and I decided to pursue higher education in this area.

I enrolled in a graduate program at The Ohio State University, where my main research topics were heart failure and viral infection of the heart. I also furthered my interest in the lifestyle–health connection by studying lifestyle factors that protect against viral diseases. Understanding the lifestyle–health connection is clearly important for enabling us to live healthy lives, and helping others understand this connection is the main reason I decided to teach biology. My primary teaching roles at Trine include cell biology and a variety of other biology courses and labs.

My personal hobbies include playing sports, reading, and writing. I also enjoy spending time outdoors and occasionally playing video games.