Passion for chemistry, history blends into career

Steven Dulaneysteve dulaney

Trine University - Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences
B.A. - Adrian College; Ph.D. -  Michigan State University
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I have a lifelong love of history and it was not until taking a chemistry course in high school that I found a similar passion in the sciences. These dual interests led me to double major in history and chemistry at Adrian College, a fact that still garners strange looks. 

Focusing on chemistry, I furthered my education at Michigan State University where my two main research topics were chemoenzymatic synthesis and anti-cancer vaccines. So while I am by definition an organic chemist, my interests lie on the border between chemistry and biology.

Having experienced both small and large institutions, I have always wanted to teach at a place like Trine. I relish the chance to work closely with students in classes of 15 rather than 400. The effect is just as pronounced in lab where students have the opportunity to use instruments weekly.

Having grown up in rural Ohio, I am excited to be in Angola with my wife and daughters because it is near my family and a wonderful place to live.  In my free time, I enjoy skiing, tinkering and a bit of modest real-time strategy gaming.