Ecologist brings passion for nature to class

Samuel Drerupsamuel drerup

Trine University - Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences
M.Sc. -  Wright State University, B.S., Ph.D. - Ohio University
260.665.4428 | email

My research focuses on biogeochemical cycling in aquatic systems.  Specifically I am interested in how human activity such as agriculture and mining alters biological processes within streams and lakes.

I am the token ecologist and teach a variety of ecology courses at Trine University. I try to bring my experiences and passion for the natural world to my students. I attend conferences pertaining to aquatic sciences as a member of the Society for Freshwater Science.

Since becoming the faculty advisor for Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society (Tri-Beta) we have conducted a very popular annual spring sale of plants grown by the student members of the society here at Trine.

I enjoy encouraging many young students' passion for the sciences as a judge for the Northeastern Indiana Tri-State Regional Science fair at Trine. It has been a great opportunity to interact with the teachers, alumni and judges.

Outside the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our children.