Connecting students with chemistry

Victoria Hankinsvictoria bayliff

Trine University - Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences
B.S. - Huntington University
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My interest in science began in fifth grade. After attending a GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) summer camp two years later, I knew I wanted a career in the field. When choosing a major at Huntington University, I selected chemistry education because I wanted the ability to develop skills for both industry and the classroom.

After nearly five years working in the compressed gas industry, unexpected circumstances required me to find a new job. Since coming to Trine, I have found that my role as a lab manager is the perfect combination of hands-on chemistry while connecting with students. My previous industry experience inspires me to maintain excellent, safe lab spaces. I also enjoy assisting professors in equipping students with the skills they need to exceed in their career fields. Finding myself back in the academic arena has been highly rewarding and I look forward to continuously growing in my time here.

I enjoy reading, cooking, taking walks, volunteering at my church and spending time with my husband, friends and family.