The need for water engineers will never stop growing

Timothy J. Murphytimothy murphy

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering & Computing
B.S - Virginia Tech.; M.S - University of Texas at Austin
260.665.4216  |  email
Fawick 102

I am the water resources professor in the Reiners Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. I came to Trine after 12 years working as a consulting engineer focused upon computer modeling of hydraulic and hydrologic systems.

I came to Trine because I thought my work experience would be an asset as an educator.  In my classes, I hope to show how the work in the classroom can translate into success as a practicing engineer. I also hope to acquaint students with the huge need for water resources engineers. The supply of fresh water is limited, but our population growth and water consumption is increasing considerably. Water resources engineers will always be needed to help manage the quantity and quality of our nation′s waters.

When not working, I like spending time with my family, barbecuing or watching the Virginia Tech Hokies.