James Millerjames miller

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering & Computing
B.S. – Michigan State University;
M.S./Ph.D. – Stanford University
260-665-4371  |  email

I’m a native of Michigan and who spent their childhood on our family farm in Idaho. As an undergraduate student at Michigan State University I helped build solar powered electric vehicles while studying mechanical engineering and agronomy. My graduate research contributes towards next-generation sensors and timekeeping by studying the fundamental dynamics and noise behavior of microelectromechanical systems. I broadened my love for learning during my undergraduate studies, but discovered a love for teaching as a teaching assistant in graduate school, where I taught about the thermodynamics and mechanical properties of materials. After graduating from Stanford with a PhD in mechanical and electrical engineering in 2021, I completed postdoctoral work as a researcher at the Florida Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In the non-university setting, I served as an engineering consultant at a mechanical-electrical engineering firm in Michigan, specializing in modeling heat transfer and dynamical systems related to injury-property accidents.

I started at Trine University as an Assistant Professor in mechanical engineering in spring 2023. At Trine I am privileged to teach dynamics, vibrations, and measurements laboratory as well as contribute towards the professional development of our undergraduate students.

In addition to my passion for teaching and research, I enjoy spending time with my wife, playing viola and violin in church and orchestras, and swimming, running, and biking.

You can see my research profile here