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Megan Tolinmegan tolin

Trine University - Franks School of Education
B.S. Trine University,
M.S. Indiana University,
Doctorate in Educational Technology (DET), Central Michigan University
260.665.4538 | email

I love teaching. As a product of two proud public-school teachers, I never doubted my future in education. However, I never expected to be teaching future teachers at my alma mater.

After graduating from Trine University, I was fortunate enough to spend time as a high school science teacher and a K-12 technology integration specialist before transitioning into the world of higher education. Over the years I’ve developed a passion for blended and online learning, and I love supporting educators as they work to design relevant learning experiences for students using technology. It was this love that drew me toward earning a doctorate in educational technology.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my husband (Patrick) and our two daughters (Andi & Austyn). listening to podcasts, consuming lots of coffee, and singing as loud as I possibly can while driving down the highway.