Marek′s teachings come from real life experiences

Marek Kolarkolar marek

H. Phillip Conrad Chair
Trine University - Ketner School of Business
B.B.A. - Northwood University M.A - Western Michigan University
Ph.D. - Michigan State University
260-665-4180 | email

I enjoy being at Trine the most when I hear news from my students on their new internships and job offers, or when students bring me some exciting news about the investment portfolio I help them manage. If you don't find me in my office or in the classroom, I can be on a tennis court or in the Kappa Sigma house helping the fraternity brothers succeed in life. In a rare moment of boredom, I don't mind slicing the time with a movie for guys, like "Machete". Having grown up in communist Czechoslovakia and experiencing socialism first hand, I refuse to ever give up on defending capitalism and free markets. 

The single most important characteristic I would like to see in my students, besides being prepared for their career, is not to take anything or anyone at face value. Instead, I hope to help them educate themselves enough so that they can make up their own mind.

I moved to Angola in July 2009 together with my wife Erin. We have two wonderful children, Mikaela and Evan. They both love to play soccer, tennis and ice hockey, just like their dad. Most summers, our entire family visits the Czech Republic, where I was born and still have family and friends.