Michael Smith

Michael Smithmichael smith

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
B.S., M.S., Purdue University
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I am a professor of mathematics at Trine working closely with the actuarial science program. While my training was not initially as an actuary myself, I was able to work with many actuaries at Purdue University, where I earned both my bachelor's in mathematics and statistics as well as my master's in mathematics. I am currently working to develop the actuarial science program and have an interest in helping students across our campus access opportunities to study math in new and exciting ways.

I am originally from Fulton County, Indiana, so I am used to the slightly more rural vibes of Steuben County. My wife is also from this area, and we live near her parents south of Salem Center. We raise a number of animals on her family farm, including chickens, rabbits and a number of barn cats. We are hoping to build a house on one of their family’s fields even closer to the farm in the near future.

Outside the university, I am a major fan of board games, video games and Dungeons and Dragons. I also love to spend time with friends and family whenever possible. My wife and I attend St. Anthony of Pauda Catholic Church just down the road from Trine and enjoy going to see theater and music together in the area.