Matthew McLin

imgMatthew McLin

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
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I received my Ph.D. in history from Florida State University in 2021. My research is focused on governmentality, the interaction of private business and government in the creation of new technology, social promotion offered by new technologies in the Victorian period, and questions of masculinity in the military. My teaching fields include British history, East Asian history, European history, the history of the United States, and the Atlantic World. My current project investigates the interaction between British trainers and journalists working in Meiji-era Japan (1868-1912) to both transfer knowledge to Japanese students and to communicate information about Japan to Europe and the United States.

Before entering academia, I spent roughly seven years in Japan studying the Japanese language and teaching English in various locations around the country. This experience, along with earlier travel to Europe, increased my interest in the past and was formative in my decision to attend graduate school. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, reading, and traveling. My future goals include learning another language and publishing my dissertation.