kaitlynn townsend

Territory: State of Michigan

Education: Bachelors in Liberal Studies - English

Where are you from: South Haven, MI

Favorite Place at Trine:  The Makers Space

What is something people don’t know about Trine: We are test optional and do not require an essay for admission.

Describe your perfect day in Northeastern Indiana: Paddling along one of the many lakes we have locally.

Advice to incoming students: Find a routine that works for you and stick to it!

What is your favorite TV show: My favorite shows are NCIS and Fire Country.

What is your favorite thing from your college experience and where did you attend: I attended Wright State University and my favorite part was the tunnel system to navigate campus in the winter.

What is your favorite part of Admissions: My favorite part of admissions is getting to know my students and their future plans.

Favorite past time/hobby: My favorite pass time is going on hikes, paddles, and mini adventures.


Kaitlynn Townsend
Admissions Counselor