Meet Melanie Watson

Melanie Watsonmelanie watson

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering & Computing
Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering, Louisiana Tech University; Master of Science in engineering, Louisiana Tech University; Doctorate of Philosophy, Louisiana Tech University
Office Location-SDI 323
260.665.4475 |  email

I am an associate professor in the biomedical engineering department in Trine University’s Allen School of Engineering & Computing. After graduating from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering, I worked as a clinical engineer for Glenwood Regional Medical Center in West Monroe, Louisiana. Later, I went back to Louisiana Tech to earn a doctorate focusing on biomimetic microfluidics devices involving bionanotechnology and biomaterials aspects.

In 2015, I joined Trine University’s biomedical engineering faculty and developed a relationship with Trine innovation 1. My passion for teaching is based on inspiring students to develop their own medical technologies to improve healthcare on a global level.

In 2018, I moved forward with my entrepreneurial aspirations by establishing Blaire Biomedical, Inc. To date, Blaire Biomedical has hired three Trine University biomedical engineering student interns to provide students with practical design experiences. Additionally, I and biomedical engineering alum Paul Carlquist were awarded a utility patent for our designs with Blaire Biomedical. Currently, I hold a joint faculty position with Trine University and Blaire Biomedical.

Born on the bayou in northeast Louisiana, I grew up with a deep appreciation for spicy foods, great music and Southern colloquialisms. Outside of the classroom, I love spending time with my family, riding motorcycles and playing the drums.